DINO FILARTE R&D Center is located in Duomo Square of Milan, Italy, focusing on product development and innovation.

No color difference

All products adopt a no color difference process, which ensures that the color of each batch of products produced at different times meets international standards.

The R&D center adheres to the concept of innovative development, and constantly absorbs and digests the Italian design and R&D model. Based on the high quality of the fabric, it develops high-end fabrics such as air wool and 3D wool products with DINO FILARTE characteristics. By optimizing the production process, the brand has personalized customization capabilities.

Natural stretch

Utilizing the natural properties of ultra-fine high-quality wool, it is realized through a special process. It is a pure natural environmentally friendly elastic product with good anti-wrinkle function.

Italian craftsmanship runs through every aspect of the birth of DINO FILARTE fabric. From the initial appearance of the spinning process to the finishing process, innovative and forward-looking Italian design, craftsmanship and technology are the core of Filarte brand fabrics.

Compact Spinning

Compact spinning series products, yarn is light, round, tight, strong, natural luster, clear texture, strong sense of quality.