Shaping personality with characteristics, achieving brand with quality

After?the end?of?World War II, the haute?couture revived in Italy.

In the 1950s and 1960s, “Made in Italy” rises to fame.

In 1960, the brand of Dino Filarte been launched and be remembered in this history.

“Vogue fleeting, Styles lasting”, over the half a century, Dino Filarte served the modern life by its superexcellent fabrics.

Dino Filarte already become well known throughout Europe for its beautiful fabrics, designs and innovation.

History mirrorCultural precipitation

“Dino Filarte like a history mirror reflects the emotion, culture and custom in the half past century Italy. The brand of Dino Filarte is known improved by the culture of Apennine and the communication with humans.”

In the future, Dino Filarte will spare no efforts to build the brand faith and does more wool fiber research in promising our fabrics’ quality and artistic style.