Fine cultivation

Merryville wool

Only 12 microns in diameter, light and slender, with a soft fabric

After ingenious special processing, the finished garment feels soft and comfortable, natural drape, close-fitting, wrinkle-resistant, and elegant; the unique compressive elasticity and natural three-dimensional curl of wool give garments extraordinary environmental adaptability.

The selected wool from DINO FILARTE is from Australia’s top five gold pastures, which are well known for their fine wool. The geographical advantage of this environment has the pastures surrounded by the sea, so they are isolated from world pollution. The local Mediterranean climate provides the perfect environmental conditions for Merino sheep to thrive, so the animals can produce raw wool of the highest quality for the world’s top fabric brand.

Outstanding quality

Merryman Family Ranch

The best quality wool in the world

Origins wool fibers are from the family farm of Merryman, started in 1903. For over one hundred years, Merryman family committed to the innovated breeding super merino wool.

Since 1985, Merry man family farm won the 28th breeding sheep game, won 5 wool exhibition champion, and consecutive successfully held exhibition in Gulborn, Sydney, Dabo and Melbourne.

The wool sales amount of the Merryman family is recognition of the Merryman family’s long-standing pursuit of excellence and breeding objectives, as well as the achievements and leading position in various fields. The Merryville, the world’s finest wool breed, continues to dominate the Australian roots.

DINO FILARTE Origins comes from 1500 purebred offspring. Since the beginning of the breeding stage of sheep breeding, the strict standards of green ecological manufacturing have been maintained all the time. This process involves wool, dyeing, yarn, weaving, finishing, packaging, circulating and so on. The production of Origins will let Merryville make great progress by the fashion designers.