According to the performance of combed wool products, it stipulates the detail requirements from raw material use, production process control, inspection and index to ensure the product quality and meet the environmental protection standards.

Ecological raw materials

Australia’s five pastures, according to sheep grazing, breeding and grass yield to calculate the balance of grassland should be grasped the number of grazing and grazing time for scientific rotation grazing. Reasonable use of natural resources, to the greatest extent possible to avoid overgrazing grassland degradation, both to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture and animal husbandry and ensure the high-quality wool output.

Environmental protection process

The fabric is dyed with eco-friendly dyes and eco-friendly auxiliaries conforming to the OEKO-TEX 100 international eco-textile standard. Dyeing using the Italian BELLINI dyebottle with the least damage to wool, using the most advanced low-temperature dyeing process, effectively prevents wool color damage.

Certification authority

Oeko-Tex standard certification, namely Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It is the most authoritative and influential textile eco-label in the world. This certification is a product’s ecological safety commitment, and it can meet consumers’ requirements for a healthy life.